ARControl Burner Management System - One Model Does It All
January 31, 2020

Oil and gas operators need reliable, flexible and expandable systems to ensure proper operation of fired equipment including heater treaters, reboilers, line heaters, enclosed combustors and flares. This is why Cimarron developed ARControl™ as a system to monitor/control pilot flames that is also expandable to serve as a Burner Management System (BMS). We developed the product with special consideration for field operations, engineering, safety, environmental and financial concerns.

An added plus is that Cimarron’s ARControl™ system is made and supported in the USA from our Wheat Ridge, CO facility.


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One Model Does It All

The Cimarron ARControl™ is a fully scalable BMS. At its most basic configuration, the ARControl™ can monitor and ignite a pilot flame on fired equipment. If the pilot is extinguished, the system can notify the customer through Modbus or alarm.

On the other end of the scale, the ARControl™ can also be combined with control valves, pressure sensors and thermocouples for a complete BMS solution. The ARControl™ also has the unique ability to monitor and control 2 burner systems from a single control box, reducing costs.

The firmwares available for upgrading the unique control box include:

  • “Base” firmware (Single pilot control)
  • “Flare” firmware (Dual pilot controller)
  • “BMS” firmware for pilot monitoring/control and combined with control valves, pressure sensors and thermocouples for a complete solution
  • “Dual” firmware is an innovative BMS allowing independent control of 2 pilots and 2 burners with one controller


Key Features

  • One unique control box model, at a low entry price
  • Fully automated direct spark ignition with flare sensing capability
  • On-board data recording capability
  • Upgradable functions with firmware upgrade
  • Customer PLC compatibility through Modbus RS-485/SCADA communications
  • Control of both the pilot and main burner valve
  • Solar powered
  • 12 / 24 VDC compatible Multi-burner applications (one box can control up to 2 burners)


Expansion of ARControlTM

The ARControl™ system can be expanded using the same control box with a simple firmware upgrade. No additional control boxes costs needed to independently control 2 pilot and 2 burners.  Purchase a firmware upgrade to expand the use of your ARControl box based on facility needs.


Process Monitoring/Control

Processes that can be monitored and controlled by ARControl™ include:

  • Pilot flames
  • Control valves
  • Pressure sensors
  • Temperature
  • Emergency shutdown


Data Logging/Storage

The system records time-stamped data at regular customizable intervals for parameters monitored including changes in application status. Using a standard USB key, the operator can retrieve data with the data exported as a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file which can be opened in EXCEL.


Safety Concerns

The ARControl™ system can be a part of a safe operating facility. This includes:

  • Alert operators of malfunctioning pilot flames
  • Automatic showdown of fired equipment  
  • Prevent explosive environments by ensuring a working pilot flame
  • Ensure pilot flame lit and gas combustion for flare/combustor gas streams containing high concentrations of H2S
  • Monitor for high temperature stacks for combustors application


Air Permit and NSPS OOOO/OOOOa Compliance for Enclosed Combustors/Flares

The ARControl™ is an ideal complement to your facility’s air permitting management system. Some uses include:

  • Part of system to assist with air permit and air quality regulatory compliance
  • Reliable system to ensure presence of a pilot flame and combustion of vent gases
  • Alerts operator that pilot flame not operating so that timely corrective actions can be taken
  • Maintain records required by NSPS OOOO/OOOOa (e.g., pilot flame operation time)
  • Demonstrate compliance with maximum throughput capacity of an enclosed combustor
  • Reduce possible need for emergency reporting (due to exceeding a reportable quantity of an air pollutant such as benzene) of uncontrolled venting of natural gas (e.g., vent streams with high benzene content)
  • Gather data for required annual air emissions inventory (greenhouse gases, State required inventories) calculations.

Below is a comparison of the firmware types that can be used with one ARControl™ box.




For more information on our ARControlTM you can contact us at the ARControl website

+1 (844) 746-1676; email: 1'7iGX4$[erIEqW2.&=?96]#[!d~O7ops?Ua=4aDovwGy&~.




Why partnering with Cimarron Energy?

Cimarron Energy is a leading manufacturer of engineered production, process, and environmental equipment for the upstream and midstream energy industries. We bring decades of engineering, design, manufacturing and service experience to its customers with product capabilities that include separation, treating, conditioning, and environmental compliance. As a process systems specialist, Cimarron assists customers with producing oil and natural gas in a safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Our environmental products and services include the following:

  • BTEX combustor unit for glycol dehydrators
  • Mobile glycol reclamation system
  • Vapor Recovery Units (VRU)
  • Vapor Recovery Towers (VRT)
  • Flares
  • Enclosed Combustion Devices (ECD)
  • Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) services
  • Vent gas measurement services
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