Environmental Stewardship Incentives Program (ESIP) for Emissions Reductions
July 15, 2019

In Texas, University Lands (UL) manages surface and mineral interests for 2.1 million acres of land across 19 counties in West Texas for the Permanent University Fund (PUF). In 1876, the Texas Constitution set aside land in West Texas to support The University of Texas and Texas A&M systems. The PUF receives revenue from UL land leased to oil and gas (O&G) companies.


UL has the responsibility to protect of the environmental resources of the Permanent University Fund Lands. To ensure that natural gas resources are not wasted and air emissions (methane, VOCs) are reduced from oil and gas operations, UL created the Environmental Stewardship Incentives Program (ESIP). The ESIP is a cost sharing program where O&G operators can use best practices and technology to reduce air emissions on UL leased lands. The program also includes cost sharing for research efforts to measure or test technology to reduce air emissions.

The program is designed to offset costs not to fully fund a project. Available funding is less than or equal to 50% of the cost of the project with a maximum UL award of $125,000.

Eligible facilities must be in compliance with applicable UL, Texas and federal laws and regulations.

O&G operations with leases in the UL, must submit an application using the UL supplied form with supporting documentation to receive funding. UL will review the application and may assess and give input regarding an operator’s procurement processes, project plans and expected environmental impact/benefit.

Periodic progress reports are required along with an expectation that routine maintenance performed on funded projects.

Projects that can receive funding include:

  • Installation of vapor recovery units (VRU)
  • Installation of vapor recovery towers (VRT)
  • Replacing high bleed pneumatic devices
  • Implement leak detection and repair (LDAR) program
  • Implement programs listed by The Environmental Partnership 

The ESIP program contact is Rick Costa, Facilities Engineer; email: t&6{ZDw7[o'X?+s-0bl]#[gg$oO|4-Pc|L0la6pGb; phone number: t&6{ZDw7[o'X]#[&7G&kW.Cj%6c.

HY-BON/EDI’s Complete Solution

HY-BON/EDI’s engineered enclosed vapor combustion units (VCU) are used by operators to reduce venting emissions as required by NSPS OOOO/OOOOa and State air quality regulations. Also, our IQR and Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) services help operators comply with State and federal leak monitoring. Our LDAR services meet the requirements of EPA’s NSPS OOOOa and greenhouse gas reporting rules in 40 CFR 98 Subpart W.