Get Sold on EPA Gas STAR Gold Program for Methane Reductions
October 31, 2014

EPA Gas STAR Gold Program for Methane

The EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program is a voluntary partnership designed to inspire oil and natural gas companies to implement profitable technologies and practices that reduce methane emissions.  The program has many success stories since its beginning in 1993.  If your company has not been active in Gas STAR program, consider participating beginning this year.    


With all of the focus on the NSPS OOOO (Quad O) requirements for mandatory reduction of VOC emissions (and ancillary control of methane emissions), there is still room for a voluntary program.  The EPA Natural Gas STAR voluntary program benefits the environment, industry and the government. 

A successful voluntary program is crucial to slow the trend toward the command and control, prescriptive regulations that have been implemented around the issue of natural gas venting .  Your company can help the EPA now prove that voluntary and innovative methods can result in real and lasting reductions in oil and gas air pollution. 

The Natural Gas STAR webpage contains a wealth of information on technology and practices that the oil and gas industry uses now to reduce methane emissions from the wellhead through the distribution sector. In the 20 years of the Natural Gas STAR program, companies have reported numerous methane reduction methods for such sources as compressors, dehydrators, fugitive leaking components, pipelines, pneumatics, storage tanks and wells

Gas STAR Gold Program

In response to a desire to have the Natural Gas STAR program move to ever more continued successes, the EPA recently proposed a new voluntary program named Gas STAR Gold Program.  This initiative is part the President’s Climate Action Plan, released in March 2014, which included provisions for enhancing EPA’s Natural Gas STAR Program. 

The Gas STAR Program will recognize industry leaders that voluntarily continue to reduce their methane emissions.  The Gas STAR website lists the following key goals for proposed program:

  1. Showcase facilities that are already achieving reductions in methane emissions.
  2. Encourage facilities to identify and implement opportunities to achieve additional methane emissions.
  3. Create a framework for credible, transparent and consistent reporting that can be easily understood and compared.
  4. Recognize companies for their achievements in methane emissions reductions.

Right now the EPA is requesting feedback on the proposed program with a target to implement the program in 2015.  You can impact the final program with your suggestions. 

Companies seeking to be a Charter Partner, should sign up now for the reporting year of 2015. 

The EPA has proposes a streamlined process for facilities to achieve Gas STAR Gold status that includes:

  1. Sign a Letter of Intent
  2. Develop an Implementation Plan
  3. Submit Annual Reporting Data
  4. EPA to Verify Gas STAR Gold Status

HY-BON has helped many companies in the past with their Natural Gas STAR Program implementation using our Vent Gas Management System.  We continue to successfully help companies with their vapor reocvery (VRU) needs, greenhouse gas reporting and NSPS OOOO (Quad O) compliance. 

Let HY-BON help your company develop an implementation plan for the next generation of Gas STAR and help your company win Gold program status.