Find It and Fix It
July 10, 2018

Compliance with air quality rules and permits require oil and gas (O&G) facilities to minimize leaks from components and equipment. Federal rules in NSPS OOOOa require certain oil and gas (O&G) well sites and compressor stations to periodically monitor for leaking components. State air permits require storage tanks with emissions controls (e.g., VRUs, VCUs) to operate without leaks. Additionally, operators have a general duty to minimize leaks for safety and environmental requirements.


One way to approach compliance regarding leaks is to use a periodic, third-party site surveys to find the leaks and fix them.

HY-BON/EDI uses its IQR/LDAR (leak monitoring) services to find the leaks and fix them in a timely manner. This includes compliance with NSPS OOOOa, Subpart W greenhouse gas reporting and general surveys to ensure leaks are found and repaired.

Leaking components can include:

  1. Storage tank thief hatches and pressure/vacuum relief systems
  2. Piping (from storage tank or glycol dehydrator) to emission control device (VRU, VCU, flare)
  3. Fugitive components: valves, flanges, connectors, seals, pressure relief devices, pumps, sampling connections, open-ended lines. Instruments, meters

IQR Emissions Services (LDAR)

To find the leaks and fix them, HY-BON/EDI uses its Identify, Quantify and Rectify (IQR) and Leak Monitoring services. These include:

  1. Vent gas quantification using direct measurement (DM) and chemical analysis of storage tank vent gases.
  2. LDAR leak monitoring by qualified specialists using optical camera imaging (OGI). General surveys, NSPS OOOOa and greenhouse gas leak monitoring (40 CFR 98 Subpart W).
  3. EPA Method 22 visibility emission monitoring for enclosed combustors.

IQR Emissions Services (LDAR) Value Added Services Approach

  1. Quantification of vent gas from storage tanks.
  2. Routine, periodic (monthly, quarterly) monitoring for leaks according to NSPS OOOOa
  3. Repair of leaking hatches at time of discovery
  4. First attempt to repair the source of fugitive emission components
  5. Reports online for routine initial compliance monitoring and routine checks.
  6. Maintenance and repair of enclosed combustion units
  7. Maintenance and repair of vapor recovery units

Vent Gas Preventative Maintenance (PM)

A new service by HY-BON/EDI is a fixed cost quarterly Vent Gas Preventative Maintenance (PM) for O&G production facilities. After an initial cost to get a facility in good working order (i.e., leaks repaired, VRUs and combustors operating), a site is eligible for the quarterly PM. Reports generated for this services are available to clients via HY-BON/EDI’s online IQR Vent Gas Management system.

This service includes:

  1. Initial evaluation of facility by HY-BON/EDI service specialists to:
    1. Detect leaking storage tank hatches and pressure relief devices.
    2. Detect leaking components
    3. Determine if VRUs, enclosed combustors and flares are operating properly. This includes equipment from other vendors.
    4. Direct measurement of storage tank vent gas (if needed) to quantify vent gas volumes. 
    5. Report on findings and suggested repairs needed to correct deficiencies.
  2. Correct deficiencies found.
  3. Quarterly site visit by HY-BON/EDI service specialists to detect and repair leaks and an inspection of vent gas emission control devices. This monitoring meets NSPS OOOOa leak monitoring requirements, as needed.
  4. Quarterly report from findings.  

The following are typically used by HY-BON/EDI to rectify vent gas and fugitive emissions:

  • Vapor Recovery Units (VRU
  • Vapor Recovery Towers (VRT) (in conjunction with a VRU or VCU)
  • Conservation Vent Filter (CVF) for storage tanks
  • Vapor Combustor Unit (VCU)
  • Candlestick flares 
  • Periodic IR camera surveys
  • Routine service and maintenance of control equipment by qualified personnel for VRUs, VRTs and VCUs.


Let HY-BON/EDI help your company Identify, Quantify and Rectify (IQR) your facility emissions.  Using our IQR services your company can stay in compliance with NSPS OOOOa and state air permits and make your company money.  HY-BON/EDI’s vent gas management (VGM) system is a cost-effective way to take this issue off of your plate. We “best in class” vapor recovery units (VRU), Vapor Recovery Towers (VRT) and vapor combustors units (VCU) to comply with storage tank emission control requirements.