Offshore Compressor Package
April 22, 2016

This rotary screw compressor package was designed for a customer for an offshore application in the Gulf of Mexico. Utilizing an encapsulated screw compressor design (Rotorcomp NK series), HY-BON/EDI was able to minimize the overall footprint of the Vapor Recovery Unit.


The unit was based off a HY-BON/EDI standard package design to reduce overall cost but with customer specific modifications to meet the customer’s requirements. HY-BON/EDI worked with the customer to ensure their needs were met without the scope of the project raising the cost above a reasonable return on investment.  Additional instrumentation was added and a more robust paint system used to meet the additional demands of offshore use.


This is the third package using this same design provided to this customer within the last three years. HY-BON/EDI has met all customer expectations on these projects and continues to help with start-up and field service on these VRUs.