DCS-NG Manual



  • RS-232 or RS-485 Communication supports satellite, cellular, or radio
  • Modbus Slave Protocol allows it to communicate with other devices, software and SCADA systems
  • Logs can be saved to a USB Key and later viewed on a computer
  • User friendly 4 line x 20 Character LCD Screen
  • Internal memory stores up to 2000 Event Logs and 2000 Interval Logs


The DCS-NG (Differential Control System - Next Generation) typically operates based on the monitoring and control of the casing pressure, tubing pressure, and differential pressure between them. The DCS-NG also has the ability to operate as a Dual/Single Valve Timer or a High-Low Controller. The DCS-NG allows the operator to achieve the most efficient production without guesswork. With many communication possibilities, the operator can generate reports and graphs which allow him to troubleshoot, fine tune, and maximize production.

Differential Control System_Complex_Model.png


  • Third input reads Line Pressure or Tank Level
  • Five Operational Mode Options
  • Up to six Time Periods (depending on the option)
  • Event Log records actions, events and setpoint changes
  • Interval Log creates a snapshot of pressures
  • Plunger Arrivals and Failures
  • Real Time Clock