Legacy Controllers

TSC-JR Single Valve Timer

The TSC-JR is the second generation single valve timer. This simple timer was designed to be reliable and operator friendly. It can be set up to operate on time or pressure cycles. Sequential key stroking for a simple command. Each individual button delivers the information requested. It even holds settings indefinitely when the power is turned off or the battery needs changed. HY-BON/EDI has developed a quality timer with the best functions available and delivered it as the TSC-JR.

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TSC-JR-2 Dual Valve Timer

The TSC-JR-2 is the new generation two valve timer that offers: sales (A) valve open time, tank (B) valve open time, shut time, after flow time, recovery time, and the last 10 plunger travel times. Its data button records total sales (A) valve open time, plunger arrivals, plunger failures, and reports the battery voltage. It is powered by a 6-volt lantern battery and holds settings indefinitely. HY-BON/EDI has developed a quality timer with the best functions and delivered it in the TSC-JR-2.

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Digital Pressure Switch

The Digital Pressure Switch is a pressure sensing device used to reliably detect high and low pressure set points. The instrument can be used to activate alarms and/or shut down equipment. The DPS offers different psi ranges for maximum flexibility. The data button offers a high limit count, low limit count, time delays. Also, a plunger sensor option can be added. This option allows the operator to detect the arrival or failure of the plunger, while allowing the switchgauge to look for a low limit connection to shut the valve after the arrival of the plunger.

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The Pressure Time Controller (PTC) is a combination of a pressure sensing device and a basic on/off timer. The PTC is a reliable, operator friendly controller, that allows for customization by selecting up to six options. EDI had developed a quality timer combining it with switchguage functions and delivered it in the PTC.

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Digital High-Low

The Digital High-Low is a single valve pressure controller that opens and closes the valve according to the high and low pressure limits.  

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DCSXT-JR Differential Control System

The operating principle of the DCSXT-JR is based on monitoring and control of the casing pressure, tubing pressure and differential pressure between them. Every aspect of production relates to determining the proper differential and operating pressure to achieve the most efficient production. With serial port communication the operator can generate reports which will allow him to troubleshoot, fine tune, and maximize production.

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