Plunger Sensor

PS4-R: Plunger Sensor (pictured right)
PS4-A: Adjustable Plunger Sensor (pictured below)

Compatability: The PS4 will operate with all known controllers using 6 or 12 volt batteries.

Completely Solid State: Since the PS4 has no moving parts, this insures that it will not freeze up during the winter. The PS4 is enclosed in silicon to make it water, dust, and air tight.

Highly Sensitive: There is no need for a stainless steel nipple.

Simple Installation: Attach the PS4 directly to your lubricator or tubing; hook-up is simple with a two wire interface, and you’ll be up and running.

Requires No Additional Source Of Power: The PS4 uses very little current from its internal lithium-ion battery; allowing it to last for years without being replaced.

Trouble Free Sensing: Option of an adjustable PS4-A controls all sensing problems. With a range of sensitivity, the adjustable PS4-A can suit any well.