Enclosed Vapor Combustors Units and Air Quality Regulations

Vapor combustion units (VCU) also called enclosed combustion devices or enclosed flares are widely used in oil and gas operations to control vent gas VOC and methane emissions.…

Vapor Combustor Unit (VCU)

Enclosed Vapor Combustor Units can be used when vapor recovery is not economically viable, or as a backup for a Vapor Recovery Unit, to destroy VOC’s from a storage tank facility.
GENERAL PROPERTIES CH2.5 CH10.0 BURNER SIZE (MMBTU/hr) 2.5 10.0 OUTER DIAMETER (inches) 34 54 HEIGHT (feet) 16 20 INLET PRESSURE (oz/in²) ≥ 0.5…

Vent Gas Management

HY-BON/EDI has a long history of providing "best in class" Vapor Recovery Equipment dating back to the early 1950’s and prides itself on lessons learned over the years.
I.Q.R. Survey        Identify Quantify  Rectify Using the newest identification technology on the market, the IQR team can provide visual documentation…


HY-BON/EDI Products include Vent Gas Management, Vapor Recovery Units, Vapor Recovery Towers, Vapor Combustor Units, Flow Measurement System, Prime Mover Engine Packages, Plunger Lift and more.