IQR Emissions Survey

HY-BON/EDI provides VOC, GHG and HAP solutions by identifying, reporting and recovering fugitive emissions.


Using the newest identification technology on the market, the IQR team can provide visual documentation of the emission sources.

GasFind Infrared Camera


Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) cameras are used for gas leak detection in Leak Monitoring Surveys (LMS) and site surveys. Many chemical compounds and gases are invisible to the naked eye. The FLIR GF-Series infrared cameras are able to visualize gas by utilizing the physics of fugitive gas leaks. The camera produces a full picture of the scanned area and the fugitive gas appears as smoke. The image is viewed in real time and can be recorded and stored, aiding in environmental and regulatory compliance.



tank_pic.jpg tank_flir.jpg
Normal Photo of Tank Photo taken at the same time with the GasFind Infrared Camera

Remote Methane Leak Detector

The Remote Methane Leak Detector (RMLD) uses a laser based natural gas sensor. When the laser passes through a gas plume, the methane absorbs a portion of the light, which the RMLD then detects. The signal is processed so that methane concentrations can be reported in parts per million meter or PPM-M. The RMLD is capable of measuring down to 1 PPM-M.

  • Ultra fast response for methane leaks
  • Locates methane up to 30 meters
  • Methane specific (no false positives)



gas_kit.jpg The GAS Kit was developed to capture tank vapors. A pressurized sample of tank vapors is captured and a gas chromatograph is utilized to obtain a quality gas vapor analysis.

With a proper Tank Vapor Analysis:
  • Emission values can be calculated
  • Equipment used to reduce emission rates can be properly sized
  • Revenue can be generated
  • A safer work environment can be established


The IQR team has the largest selection of quantification tools available in the industry. Component leaks from every aspect of the industry have been measured and documented.

Turbine Meter

turbine_meter.jpg Turbine Meter technology is used to accurately measure tank vapors. Vent stacks from 2” to 12” in diameter have been accurately measured.

With these measured volumes:
  • Emission rates can be calculated
  • Equipment used to reduce emission rates can be properly sized
  • Revenue can be generated
  • A safer work environment can be established


Hi Flow Sampler

hi_flow_sampler_2.jpg The Hi Flow® Sampler is a portable instrument designed to determine the flow rate of gas leakage around various pipe fittings, valve packing, instrumentation venting and other devices. This is accomplished by sampling a flow rate to completely capture any gas leaking from the component. By accurately measuring the flow rate of the sampling stream and the natural gas concentration, it is possible to calculate the rate of the gas leak. hi_flow_sampler.jpg


The IQR team will provide a complete report documenting all emission sources.

Report includes:
  • Direct 24 hour measurement of tank emissions
  • Component count and documentation
  • VOC, GHG, HAP calculations
  • Vapor Recovery, Flare or Bio Filter design
  • Engineering solutions defining cost, best gas capture method and pay back economics
IQR Inspection Report Direct Measurement Report Gas Analysis
Report_1.jpg Report_DirectMeasurement.jpg Report_GasAnalysis.jpg
VOC and HAP Calculations

IQR Web Application:

  • Reports, videos and/or pictures can be viewed for each service record
  • Users can receive e-mail notifications when a new service record is posted
  • All video, document and picture files are securely stored in the database, and can only be accessed by authorized users
  • Connections are secured with up to 256-bit SSL encryption (https)