Dual 12S Sliding Vane Compressor Package
January 6, 2016

This dual sliding vane compressor package (that is, two RoFlo 12S compressors on a single skid) was designed for a wet gas application in Argentina with cold weather considerations including internal heaters on the motors and heat trace and insulation on all process piping to protect from hydrate formation and paraffin deposition.


A double bellows seal was also added to maintain near zero emissions from either compressor.

Each compressor also includes suction and discharge blocking valves to allow for compressor maintenance while maintaining 100% operation – that is, each compressor is designed for 100% operation.

Each compressor is controlled with a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to minimize power consumption, and the process conditions are monitored and controlled using a state of the art PLC type control panel.

The project was a fast track requirement  - HY-BON/EDI committed to delivering the equipment before the end of 2015 – we were ready to ship December 29th 2015.