Other Biogas Applications

HY-BON/EDI has extensive experience capturing methane emissions from brewery operations. The methane gas produced by the fermentation process is captured and directed to electric generators. These electric generators are then utilized to provide power for a significant percentage of the brewery. HY-BON/EDI has successfully implemented Biogas capture in many breweries in North and South America. Customers include Miller Brewing, Modelo, Corona, and Tecate.

The vapor recovery unit (VRU) pictured below is utilizing rotary vane compressors to capture approximately 1100 mcfd at a discharge pressure of 40 psig. High concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO₂) and water in this Biogas application combine to produce carbonic acid, adding a unique level of sophistication to the package specifications.

0022.jpg 0023.jpg
The 2004 installation in the Corona Brewery in Mexico City

Footprint requirements were minimal on this application due to the existing infrastructure of the brewery facility. The methane gas captured from the brewing process was piped across the facility and used to power electric generators – supplying power to the brewery.