EDI’s plungers are the most cost-effective way to retrieve gas and oil from your well. Plungers are designed to act as an “intervention” between the gas or oil from the well and the liquids in the tubing. Water flows directly through the plunger. When the gas or oil pressure is adequate, the valve will close and the plunger is lifted to the surface. The liquid is then drained and the gas or oil is collected in the flow line.


EDI has a full line of plungers to fit each individual well’s needs; from lightweight to tight seal.

PLH2S - Short Hollow Steel

PLH2TH - Hollow Steel Hardened
Tumble style
Hardened for durability

PLH2 - Hollow Steel Swab Cup Type
Designed by EDI for better sealing of liquids

PLT2 - Teflon Plunger
Lightweight for lower pressure wells

PLB2 - Brush Plunger
For better sealing

PBR2 - Broach Style
Slightly over-sized for cleaning

Padded Plungers

Padded Plungers

EDI’s Padded Plunger has three spring-loaded interlocking pads per section. The spring loaded pads expand and contract to compensate for any inconsistencies in the tubing thus creating a consistent seal against the walls of the tubing and maximizing efficiency.

The welded construction makes EDI’s padded plunger the most durable on the market. This plunger was designed with field replaceable pads, keeping the operator in mind.

Padded Plunger Types

Single Pad Plunger

Dual Pad Plunger

Triple Pad Plunger

Pad/Brush Combo