Conservation Vent Filter

HY-BON/EDI's CV-Filter Offering – Best in Class Designs

With the increased industry wide focus on regulations concerning VOC’s, Greenhouse Gases, and HAPS released to the atmosphere on both a State and Federal level, there is an economic gap at the 1 to 5 mcfd range for utilizing recovery or flaring equipment. HY-BON/EDI can now offer the solution. By utilizing the already proven technology of ERS’s Patented CV-filter Process, the system will reduce emission levels to below 6 TPY.



Standard Features

The Patented system is designed with safety as our #1 Goal. The system works within the current range of standard tank pressure relief settings of 4 oz. pressure and .4 oz. vacuum. The filter is operated on positive tank pressure therefore all thief hatches and Vent valves must be inspected for proper working conditions. In the event of an upset in pressure or increased flow rate of gas, the current safety equipment would work to relieve pressure in the tank. Under normal conditions, our system has a working pressure of 1-2 ounces.


CV-Filter Compliance

HY-BON/EDI will conduct a site evaluation to determine the volume of emissions, H2S content and extended gas analysis for the site.  If the site is at or below 5mcfd, then it is considered  a candidate for the CV-Filter System. Every location is different, through extended gas analysis of pre and post filter, a  percentage of reduction is determined. The tons per year of VOC emissions will vary due to each specific mole weight of the gas stream. The data gathered before and after the filter will be an accurate measurement that can be used to determine potential to emit for reporting.

We are currently recommending changing every 6 months to insure compliance.

Continuous reduction of VOC is expected through the life of the filter.




The CV-Filter system can usually be installed on an existing tank with little or no modification to existing equipment. HY-BON/EDI is offering a very affordable product with low maintenance costs, as a viable alternative to VRU and Flares for low volume applications, ranging from 1 to 5 MCFD.




CV-Filter Qualifications

The CV-Filter system is intended for sites with low volume high VOC’s exceeding regulatory requirements for reporting. The CV-Filter technology can be implemented to reduce total off tank emissions for these low volume high VOC applications.