When purchasing Vapor Recovery Compression Equipment or Wellhead Booster Equipment doesn’t fit into your budget and/or capital is better utilized elsewhere, HY-BON/EDI offers rental compression to fit a broad range of low pressure applications.  Specifically, our equipment is designed to move low pressure, high BTU gas from Oil and Gas facilities to field gathering systems.

Our fleet consists of primarily electric motor driven rotary screw packages, rotary vane packages and reciprocating compression packages designed for Tank Vapor Recovery as well as Wellhead Booster applications.  When the application requires equipment not currently in our rental fleet, we are able to add our new standard VRU’s to the fleet to fill our customer’s needs.

Our equipment will transport as little as 5 Mcf per day and as much as 1,000 Mcf per day


We offer full maintenance and will furnish parts and labor monthly to maintain the unit in good operating condition within HY-BON/EDI’s normal service area.  In the instance that the operator cannot restart our rental equipment, HY-BON/EDI Field Service Technicians are available upon request to respond to service calls.

Each Field Service Technician is fully trained and equipped (with the latest tools, safety equipment and technologies) to perform all maintenance on our rental fleet units. 

We look forward to working with you and structuring a rental agreement to fit your budget.

Note:  We closely monitor the Quote requests received from our Website so please take a minute to  complete the form to have one of our Applications Specialists contact you personally.