Compressor Repair / Exchange

HY-BON/EDI offers full repair services for customer-owned compressors and a unique compressor exchange program, which allows the customer to substantially reduce their compressor downtime and maintain production volumes. The customer orders an exchange compressor that will be shipped to them immediately by whatever means the customer wants. The customer then sends their compressor back to HY-BON/EDI. The compressor is evaluated and if repairable, a credit is issued that will offset the cost of the exchange compressor. The customer is not waiting days or weeks for their compressor to be repaired. Minimum downtime + maximum production + outstanding quality = a great combination!

HY-BON/EDI’s factory trained technicians provide detailed repair services to customer owned compressor units and compressor skid packages. Specializing in compressor systems under 1,200 horsepower, HY-BON/EDI has developed extensive expertise in the repair and refurbishment on this size range of compressor. With over $1.5 million of inventory in repair parts and components, HY-BON/EDI can add quick turnaround times to an outstanding quality repair.

HY-BON/EDI maintains one of the largest inventories in our industry of compressor parts, repair kits and exchange (rebuilt) compressors in the low horsepower arena.

HY-BON/EDI's new and exchange (rebuilt) compressor inventory includes:
HY-BON/EDI HB25A, HB50A, HB90A, HB200A, HB50W, HB90W, HB200W
Ro-Flo 2CC, 4CCB, 5CCA, 5CCB, 7DA, 7DB, 8D, 8DB, 10G, 10GC, 11S, 11L, 12S, 12L, 17L, 17S, 19S, 19L, 208B, 210M, 211M, 212M, 217M, 219M
Quincy QSG225 (127mm), QCG285 (204mm), QSG350 (204mm), QSG430 (255mm), QSG580 (255mm), QSG700 (255mm), QSG850 (255mm), QSG1170 (321mm), QSG1460 (321mm), QSG1750 (321mm), 216NG, 240NG, 270NG, 325NG, 350NG, 370NG, 4125NG, 5120NG
LeRoi G10 (108mm), G12 (127mm), G17, G24 (245mm), G30 (309mm)
Corken 390, 490, D91, 391, 491
Gemini M301, M302, H301, H302
RotoComp NK40, NK60, NK100

Rebuilt compressors are built to manufacturer specifications with OEM parts.
All rebuilt compressors are delivered with a full 90 day warranty (see warranty details for specifics).
All new compressors are sold with a full 12 month warranty (see warranty details for specifics).